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Water Treatment

We are the hometown answer for your water quality question, whether your problem is hard water, iron and sulfur, bacteria, bad taste or discoloration, we have the solution.

  • Free Water Testing Well Shocking and Maintenance
  • Salt Delivery Chlorination / Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Reverse Osmosis Sales and Service
  • Your Exclusive Water Right Dealer



All estimates are free and flexible according to materials and scheduling.



I want to thank Ruffalo Water Treatment for the work they have done for my client in Seneca Falls. I feel very confident because of the care they used with this client to recommend the to more people!
— Christine Paolicelli - Licensed century 21 realtor
Ruffalo Water Treatment performed a special flow testing on a clients home. Their dedication and prompt attention to the extenuating circumstance helped us close the deal. We sincerely appreciate them and their efforts!
— Meg Burnisky - real estate agent


How it works

  • We come to your house
  • We test your water
  • You talk, we listen
  • We explain your options and you make the decision
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed-- You have our word on it!


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About Us

Ruffalo Enterprises

Ruffalo Enterprises LLC started back in 1963 with two brothers Skip and Buddy Ruffalo. It was first named Ruffalo Repair Service and later evolved into a complete all brands appliance service. In 1983 Skip Ruffalo opened up a small Maytag dealership. Soon came his young nephew Mitch Ruffalo to help out the family business. In 1988 Mitch joined the business full time. After the unfortunate loss of his beloved uncle Skip, Mitch took full ownership of the business and on June 1st 1989 Mitch officially was the owner of now Ruffalo Maytag Home Appliances. The business has evolved into a multi brand appliance sales and service business.

Mitch is proud to have both parents working with him in the business. His mom has worked in the business since 1990 and his father rejoined the business in 1995. For many years Mitch and his father were the two guys delivering and installing your appliances. Keith Ross has been a fixture of the business from the beginning. With over 25 years of appliance service training and experience he has been the pillar of Ruffalo's service. The business has grown to 16 employees and has branched out to include many services. Water treatment, plumbing, heating and air conditioning, drain cleaning, and duct cleaning. Mitch is proud of his family and wonderful team of employees and continues to strive to give the best customer service and value while looking to continually improve